Cosmic Call

The Cosmic Call Project was a series of interstellar radio messages sent towards various extrasolar planetary systems and nearby molecular clouds with the hope to contact extraterrestrial intelligence.

There are 23 images of 127×127 pixels. Each image is framed by a border to separate them in the message. At the top center is a symbol for the title of the page. Page numbers are marked at the top left and right.

The message uses a set of 5×7-pixel glyphs to represent concepts. It also includes diagrams and drawings. The first five images explain our mathematics, then the next five about physics.

About our solar system, planets, earth, moon. The mountains, oceans, water. Human anatomy and biochemistry. Living cells and DNA. Geography and cosmology.

The final image is a set of questions for the receiver of the message: who are they, where is their planet, about their science and knowledge. In the center is the symbol for the universe.