• Chief Technology Officer at Tangible, Inc.
  • Founder

    • Mugen - Software studio
    • Moozap - Music education platform
    • Expreva - Programming language
  • Japanese American in Prague, Bohemia

    • Lived and loved in Kyoto, Japan; U.S. Pacific Northwest; and Austin, Texas
  • Fluent in English, Japanese, TypeScript, Node.js, React, WordPress

    • Student of Basic, Logo, Pascal, Lisp, C, C++, Rust, Go..
    • Beginner Czech, Russian, French, Spanish, Chinese, German..
  • Melodious rogue

    • Writer, singer, composer, guitar, keyboard, multimedia, bricoleur
    • Art, music, literature, mathematics, natural philosophy, anthropology, technology

It is one of the more profound ironies of the history of thought that the growth of mechanical science, through which arose the idea of mechanism as a possible philosophy of nature, was itself an outcome of the Renaissance magical tradition.
— Frances Yates in The Rosicrucian Enlightenment