Neko is a "software pet", created in Japan in the 1980's for the computer NEC PC-9801.

It's an animated cat that lives on the screen, running around, chasing your mouse.

The original programmer's name is lost, but over the years the application was rewritten by many people, in different languages, to run on computer environments such as the Macintosh, X Windows System, NEXTSTEP, BeOS, IBM OS/2, Linux, Palm OS, iPhone, and Android.

What you see on this page is my own version named Neko 2020 (source code). It's a rewrite in JavaScript of this classic program, to run in a web browser.

Here are the frames used to animate all of Neko's actions.

There are behaviors defined in the code, such as sleep, awake, scratch, yawn, and run in a range of directions.

My father owned a PC-9801 when I was a child - it was the computer on which I learned programming. I remember being fascinated by this cat, how a program could seem to have a life of its own. Later, in my early teens, a good friend's father owned a company with several Macintosh computers, where I noticed the same cat. I'm pleased to participate, in a small way, in keeping its spirit alive in a corner of the web.