Conscious Evolution - 意識的進化

Conscious Evolution

A story structure based on Teilhard de Chardin's theory of evolution: Alpha to Omega

Evolution on logarithmic scale

Note that the above time scale is logarithmic. Linearly, it looks like this:

Evolution on linear scale

How the present moment is always "time zero" suggests a relation to eternity.


"That which occupies space" - from mater, "origin, source, mother"

  • 時空間    Space-time continuum
  • 波動・粒子    Wave and particle
  • 原子・有機物質    Atoms, molecules, organic matter
  • ウイルス・原始生物    Virus and primitive life


  • 単細胞生物・多細胞生物    Uni- and multi-cellular life
  • 光合成    Photosynthesis
  • 有性生殖    Sexual reproduction
  • 動物・哺乳類 - サル・霊長類    Animals, mammals, monkeys and apes


Very human-centric view.. Consider how "mind" can take any form - as dolphins, ants, slime moulds - or collectively as forests, oceans, cities, planets.

  • ホモ・サビエンス    Homo sapiens
  • 道具・言葉の使用    Use of tools and language
  • 高技術・情報社会    High technology and information society


  • 分散・崩壊の可能性    Potential for disintegration

What is the nature of our current crisis? More than the "death of God" and "late-stage capitalism" - it's a kind of systemic illness of civilization.

How to heal as a species from the trauma of history, and recover our vision?

  • 人類の目覚め    Awakening of humanity
  • 惑星的意識    Planetary consciousness


  • 統合への意思    Will to unity
  • 愛のエネルギー    Energy of love
  • 歴史の終末    End of history
  • 神の誕生    Birth of a god